The Making of a Superhuman

Meet Sajeev Nair, pioneering biohacker and renowned wellness guru as he introduces you to these core concepts behind his new classic, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’.

The book that will leave you convinced about the science of 'Living Long and Staying Young'

‘The Making of a Superhuman’ begins from as small as a cell. Or even smaller, from the constituents of a cell like mitochondria that call the shots when it comes to almost everything your body and mind can do or cannot do. Written in a lucid style, this book breaks down complex science into simple logic that anyone who has done high-school biology can understand.

You won’t find most of the scientific developments described here in any textbook, as what is presented here is a study-of-studies of hundreds of cutting edge research outputs in recent years and months from some of the world’s most renowned medical universities and hospital systems. The book takes this approach because this is a work that is packed with revolutionary biohacks or lifestyle changes for a superhuman life and no change is possible until you are fully convinced of the immense benefits from the biohacks described here.

The book that will leave you equipped to hack your own body and mind, so that you can live longer and stay younger

‘The Making of a Superhuman’ is not just a work of science. It continues to take up things from where science books usually trail off. The all important art of practice, for one. Practice is impossible if the suggested lifestyle modifications are impractical. A point where many self-help and health books fall short. But this work is truly a labour of love in that everything in this book has been practiced to perfection by the author Sajeev Nair himself. And it shows, in the eminently doable biohacks that are packed into this book, unlike ideal but impractical theories that cannot be sustained by most people.

When this book speaks about intermittent fasting, you not only get the most advanced research on why it works, but the pitfalls to watch for when practicing it and even model fasting regimens that most people can master well. By the time you complete this book, you will be raring to go into the practice of being a superhuman.

A Glimpse into What to Expect in
‘The Making of a Superhuman’

The sheer breadth of topics this book covers is sure to be a shocker to even the most ardent health buffs. But it would be a pleasant one in that this huge breadth is compensated by the lucid presentation throughout, that will leave most readers eager for more, page after page, and not intimidated as though it is an information overload. While the domains Sajeev Nair handles here is seemingly unconnected at first like inflammation and meditation, or metabolism or belief systems, he masterly weaves it all to enable the reader to connect the dots and understand health, longevity and peak performance in a revolutionary new perspective.

Sajeev brings to the table a masterful understanding of both modern medical research and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, and explains mindboggling concepts like how Ayurveda had figured out, thousands of years ago, specific herbs that tap specific biological pathways which modern medicines has discovered only in recent years. He is equally at ease describing personalized epigenetic lifestyle modifications as he is detailing the science of meditation. Equally versatile in describing the working of DNA as he is in the wisdom of yoga. This has been possible only because his is a mind that has already come into the realization that all these are beautifully connected. Many of the concepts he describes like the highly beneficial action of good stressors through a mysterious biological process called hormesis are sure to turn upside down what most people believe about nutrition, fitness and lifestyles. For those who truly care about their health, longevity and peak performance, this book is destined to be a life-changer.

Path-breaking Concepts Discussed in
‘The Making of a Superhuman’

  • Chronological and biological age
  • Lifespan versus healthspan
  • Living long and living young
  • The fundamental flaw in everyday diets
  • Identifying the good fats
  • Detoxification from heavy metals
  • Why cells should die often
  • Telomeres and aging
  • Roots of chronic inflammation
  • Double-edged sword of immunity
  • Achieving optimum immunity
  • The gravity of metabolic syndrome
  • Metabolic disorders are Covid-19 co-morbidities
  • Gut as the master brain
  • The all-important Gut Microbiome
  • The youthfulness genes
  • Genetic susceptibility to diseases
  • Lifestyle triggers

  • Stem cell miracles
  • Personalized epigenetic lifestyle modifications
  • The right fuels for cells
  • Unmasking the cholesterol myths
  • The wisdom of coconut oil
  • The goodness of ghee & olive oil
  • Science of fermented foods
  • The mystery of hormesis
  • Practical ways to intermittent fasting
  • Foods that activate longevity
  • Gut Health and Mental Performance
  • Practical Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • The mysteries of sleep
  • The many powers of meditation
  • The way to break bad habits & addictions
  • Yoga and inflammation
  • Hacking the brain with beliefs
  • Covid-19 is a wake-up call for biohacking


The multi-dimensionally accomplished life of Sajeev Nair is really the proof that this book works. Sajeev is a double postgraduate in chemistry and business and started his career as a corporate sector employee. But due to an unquenchable fire burning inside him, an internal calling that he was destined to achieve much more, he quit such conventional jobs and started out on his own. A keen learner of new concepts and as an aspirant of peak performance always, Sajeev found his mojo first in hacking the brain and mental performance by a series of psychological techniques that led to Thought Process Reengineering (TPR) an innovative mental framework for peak performance that he founded. Success in TPR with individuals and groups, catapulted Sajeev into the big league of corporate consultants. Meanwhile, on the personal front, Sajeev used TPR for some outstanding business success including a string of ventures in wellness, network marketing, information technology, learning systems, hospitality and more.

Sajeev has consulted for hundreds of corporate companies in India and abroad, whereas his ‘Rise Up’ conventions for more general audiences have achieved outstanding success. A born explorer, Sajeev is always on the lookout for bettering his solutions as well as his personal superhuman life, and thus he arrived at Biohacking as he became convinced that peak physical performance is necessary for peak mental performance, apart from advantages like superhuman longevity, health and productivity throughout one’s life. For over a decade now, Sajeev has not only been researching on these topics but biohacking on himself with some stunning results in peak energy, performance and achievements. This book ‘The Making of a Superhuman’ is the result of his deep study and practice of biohacking with the help of preventive medicine doctors, geneticists, health researchers, Ayurvedic physicians and more. His latest venture is the Bengaluru based health startup Vieroots Wellness Solutions that specializes in Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications through an Artificial Intelligence powered smartphone app, EPLIMO. The venture has attracted investments from early investors like Bollywood superstar Suniel Shetty.

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